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The fiscal and taxation and information chain management institutions in guangxi

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    • Guangxi gold sun energy co., LTD:Guangxi gold sun modern energy equipment co., LTD2006Years was established,Is the development of guangxi gold sun boiler co., LTD. Company,Committed to energy industry at home and abroad research institutions cooperate with elite company,Focus on common development and the introduction of promotion of high efficiency and energy saving、Green environmental protection high-tech energy equipment and technology projects。
    • Guangxi xiang Li Hongfa cosmetics trade co., LTD:Do you have a rich experience,Trustworthy information team!
    • Guangxi Jin Hang weiye group:Solid professional technology,Close follow-up service,Let you become our real booster of enterprise management informationization。---Guangxi Jin Hang weiye group
    • Guangxi elegance travel agency:You is the mastermind of a information!The planning of the pilot!Cooperation with you Peace of mind Rest assured!---Guangxi elegance travel agency
    • Guangxi GuiFu petrochemical group:In the early cooperation,The company technical personnel to our need to know in detail,Through our point of view to design,In the process of design again,The technical personnel carefully,In both the management system on the overall effect and in the later operation did our requirement details,During the later period maintenance,Although most of the maintenance work is responsible by our company,But,When we encounter problems can be very patient、Very seriously and for the first time for us to solve the problem。 ---Guangxi GuiFu petrochemical group
    • Guangxi ShengTeng investment co., LTD:Technical strength and service consciousness are strong,A very pleasant cooperation! ---Guangxi ShengTeng investment
    • Davis education group co., LTD:Communicate with hong ufida company many times in the demo,The friendT3Financial software can do our financial and tax management needs,The final choiceT3Products。After the implementation of the multiple campus,At presentT3Has become a important tool of the finance department in our company,Prepared in the following two months are generalized to other campuses。
    • Set environmental protection technology co., LTD:The implementation of the standard products largely ensure the project on time、Product quality to be promoted,Adviser to the hong ufida companies specialized in implementing service also let us benefit a lot from it。Along with the advancement of implementation and planning again,Believe we can, and the management of the enterpriseERPThe combination of software more closely,More reflectERPThe implementation of the software value!
    • Connect electrical appliances group in guangxi:Since2008Years3Month,Partnerships with hong to achieve construction of informatization construction in。2014Years5Month,Shenzhen home appliance group information made a great transformation and upgrading,In the process of trial operation,Provide support in hong always a home front,We, as a friendly partner,In the process of cooperation and development,Communication is more and more fully,With more and more tacit understanding,The efficiency is higher and higher。 We deeply know,Connect electrical appliances group informationization work cannot be separated from the support of your team。 Our relationship has gone far beyond the work of cooperation,Several team fusion let us become very good friends。We can for the team is my pleasure to cooperate with you,Also to you for a long time to connect electrical appliances group's efforts to express our heartfelt thanks to you for!May I for you:In my career!
    • Dali(China)Co., LTD:Customer finance director is always speech: Since the company on the ufERPAfter the software,The company is purchasing,The improvement of the inventory above are better。Uf financial software, to help us better manage financial cost。Hongyi company thank you,Thanks to ufida。Choose the friendERPSoftware,Is to choose a rest assured。Choose uf financial software,That's right!