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       Xuanwei constant state phosphating industrial co., LTD2005Years9Was incorporated in xuanwei month,The registered capital2600Ten thousand yuan。The company covers an area of156m,Existing staff160More than one,The engineers and senior management and technical personnel22People。Company site located in phoenix mountain xuanwei characteristic industrial park industrial park,From xuanwei city6Kilometers,The transportation is convenient,Logistics condition is superior。
    The company belongs to qujing city,Xuanwei key investment project,Qujing city is one of key construction projects,At present,The company has completed, with the total investment1.3One hundred million yuan,A period20Ten thousand tons of calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer production line have production run10Years。
    Company produces calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer are mainly exported to yunnan,Guangxi,Henan,...[For details]

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    The phone:0874-7123199


    Contacts:Ms zhu

    A mobile phone:13732795397


    Address:Yunnan qujing city xuanwei economic and technological development zone

    Product categories Category
    • Calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer(50KGA merger)

      Calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer(50KGA merger)

    • Soil fertilizer adjustment50kgThe packing

      Soil fertilizer adjustment50kgThe packing

    • Calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer(50KGGrade a)

      Calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer(50KGGrade a)

    • Calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer50KGQualified products)

      Calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer50KGQualified products)

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      Three constant logo

    Enterprise honor/ Honors

      • Qujing city outstanding builder of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics

        Qujing city good socialism with Chinese characteristics

      • An innovative pilot enterprises in yunnan province

        An innovative pilot enterprises in yunnan province

      • Qujing city2013In the contract heavy credit enterprise

        Qujing city2013Guard the heavy reputation of contract

      Production base/ Production base

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      • Production base
      • Flame discharge of production area
      • Production base
      • Production base
      • Production base
      • Production base
      • Production base
      • Production base

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      • Apply to the crops

        Apply to the crops

      • Potatoes


      • Corn


      • Rice


      • The wheat

        The wheat

      • Flue-cured tobacco

        Flue-cured tobacco

      • Notoginseng planting

        Notoginseng planting

      • Chili peppers

        Chili peppers

      • Soy beans

        Soy beans