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The specialty is engaged in the concrete production and sales

Binzhou city YanHao concrete co., LTD is a professional engaged in commodity concrete production and sales of modern enterprise,The company has ready-mixed concrete secondary qualification,The registered capital2000Ten thousand yuan,The binzhou earth the rise of a new company has a modern management and modern production of commercial concrete。

The company was founded in2006Years,Located in the north of beiwai ring,Five road west of bohai sea,Covering an area of about47000Square meters,Research activities building、The office、Workshop, and other basic facilities construction area20000Square meters。With intelligent computer control production line3The article,Mixing transporter40More than cars,Transfer pump5Taiwan,200Tons of electronic pounds and adapt to the construction requirements of pumping equipment。Concrete special laboratory equipped with internationally、The domestic advanced level of testing equipment20余Taiwan,Can according to the current national standard for accurate detection and test products,Make the quality of our products more reliable guarantee。The project total investment2600Ten thousand yuan,Annual production of commodity concrete180Cubic above。The company existing staff40People,The intermediate title5People,Inspectors、Security officer、Electrician、Material technician15People,Skilled workers20People。

The company as a welfare enterprises,Successively with the binzhou city civil affairs bureau、Binzhou city disabled persons' federation、Binzhou institute of technology、Binzhou vocational college to establish good relations of cooperation,Many times for binzhou colleges put past disabled graduates,For the disabled graduates employment and development to build a good platform,Many times by binzhou municipal party committee、The municipal government、Binzhou district party committee、The district government。Company under the correct leadership of the board of directors,In a few short years,Adhere to the people-oriented、Harmony and win-win corporate philosophy,Successively with the binzhou companies cooperation,To provide the high quality of commodity concrete,Won the very …

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Binzhou tell you how to save more cement concrete?

Binzhou tell you how to save more cement concrete?

Tell you a province concrete tips, To throw the wet concrete during the construction of a lot of stones, This is called rubble concrete, So mainly can reduce the dosage of cement for a house,Relative to the concrete,Also can save a sum of money!The other also...



Binzhou to how the strength of the concrete is hierarchical?

The strength of the concrete is how hierarchical?Small make up old tell you。According to theGB50010-2010 《 Concrete structure design code 》 Rules,Ordinary concrete is divided into 14 level,Namely:C15,C20,C25,C30,C35,C40,C45,C50,C55,C60,C65,...



The characteristics of the reinforced concrete you know?

Concrete is a cement(Usually Portland cement)With a mixture of aggregate。When added with a certain volume of water,Cement hydration formation micro opaque lattice structure to become whole package and combining with the aggregate structure。Concrete structures usually have strong resistance to pressure...



What are some advantages binzhou ready-mixed mortar finished products?

The first,All procedures of ready-mixed mortar is done at the factory,In the construction site does not produce noise and dust pollution,Thus can avoid the environmental pollution caused by construction,Using zero dust mortar in ensuring the construction worker's health is not affected at the same time,...

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